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Commercial 360vr Panoramic | North Devon Photography

Floatation tank | commercial 360vr panoramic | North Devon Photography

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I have been shooting a lot of commercial photography these past few weeks and have been loving it because the work is very varied and each commission is a different challenge.
This particular commission was for a chiropractic company in Exeter (County Chiropractic), they saw my test 360vr pano of my office and wondered if I could supply the same for their recently finished floatation tank. Having done a test inside my VW T4 I was confident it would work. What I wasn’t prepared for was how good it would come out. I am so impressed by how lifelike it feels, especially if you view the pan on your ipad or iphone.
These float tanks are not what I had as a mental image of a floatation tank, they are roughly about 8x4ft in size and 6 ft tall. There’s 30cm of water in the bottom which holds over 200kg of epsom slats. The floor is lit by one set of lights and the ceiling is illuminated by a series of LEDs, just being in the tan was a surreal experience and I can’t wait for my first proper float, as the restorative powers of just one hours float is the same as 4 hours sleep.

Enjoy the pano and please do contact the lovely people at the Exeter branch of County Chiropractic for more information their tank and the chiropractic services they offer. (Rachael and Kate did some amazing work on me when my knee was playing up late past year – Thank you)

I do know of another, more local to me, float tank, more handson details of that one to follow shortly..

If you are an North Devon business please do get in contact with me regarding these 360vr panoramics and we can discuss what I can offer you and your business. These are great marketing tools and will give your business and product that extra edge over the competition. This single pano is just a small piece of what I can offer, each pano can be tailored to your needs and include links to your site, business, custom text about the product and links to further panos. They work great on a pc desktop but for for the full experience please view on an ipad or iphone.

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