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5/365 – A book review.

This is a bit novel for me (get it). Not a huge reader of books I have to confess, so deciding to do this subject as today’s 365 shot is very left turn for me, but contrary to popular belief I do read, admittedly it’s normally photography related magazines, books and tutorials but I have been known to pick up the odd autobiography once or twice. So the review..

Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a love for urbex photography, as you will probably see on my site as more galleries get uploaded, so when I saw Jonathan Haeber had released a book about some abandoned holiday resort in the catskills region of America, being a fan of his work, I had to know more. So a quick visit to his facebook page lead me to his website – Terrastories. A couple of emails later, regarding shipping to the UK and I had parted with possibly one of the most inspirational $20’s to date. The book itself is a history lesson and a window into the famous resort of Grossingers located in the Catskills mountains of upstate New York, that has been left to deacy and rot over the years. I won’t harp on too much about the resort and it’s history as the book makes for a captivating read. But I will say it surprised me how steeped in history the resort is. The book flows nicely, coherently and captivated me enough to read the whole thing in two sittings. What I liked was the mix of past and present. Johnathan’s journey to and around Grossingers as it stands today, meeting with a fellow urbex photographer and a Grossinger’s historian / fanatic. Combined with his imagery, which as ever is second to none complimenting his words,  makeing this  book an almost enhancanting read. Emmersing myself in his past and presnt of resort made me want to visit the venue and discover these things for myself. Your passion for the history of the venue and thirst to explore it are very evident. Top work, thanks for a great read and reaffirming to me that if your passionate about something then follow your dream and one day it will happen. If there is one gripe I do have about the book, that would be it needs more images past and present. Unless you are willing to escort me there one day Tunnelbug I shall just have to make do with what you have given us. Thanks.

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