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Skatepark VR Panoramic | Matt Fryer | North Devon Photographer

Braunton Skatepark | 360 VR Pano | Matt Fryer | North Devon Photographer

I have recently been getting into panoramic shots, you know shooting 4-6 images, stitching them together to create one huge static panoramic shot. Whilst this was great I spotted a panoramic done by a Belgium photographer (Robert Mitchell – that inspired me to push these a little further.
So after much research, many failed attempts, some new software and a new piece of hardware, I have achieved what I set out to do and produce a fully interactive 360 degree panoramic. I have produced two different version of my local skate park in Braunton for you too see.
The 360 pano shots are in both flash and html5 and work on the pc with latest flash player, but to really show them off try it on your ipad or iphone.

Click the links below to open a new window.
Skatepark 360 pano :: Skatebowl 360 pano

This application can be ported to any type of image. So if you want cutting edge imagery for your business that can include hotspots and links embedded in the image please get in contact with me.

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