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Evening Walk.

My wife has gone away for a few days to friends with our boys, so I am left all alone at home. Whenever she does the drive along the 303, I get restless and tonight was no exception. As there was no chance of any work being done in the office and the house was relatively tidy so with a setting sun, an empty memory card in the camera and fresh batteries in the flash gun, off out I went. Some sunset landscape stuff wasn’t in my heart today so a quick drive around the great field gave me a few good ideas. Having parked up the van and then went a walking in search of suitable content. These few shots are the result of a Canon 7d with 17-40mm lens with one single speedlight on an ettl cable, plus a lot of messing in Lightroom oh and my intervention as I was restless.

Matt Fryer – North Devon wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.
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