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Look to the sky.

August sky | North Devon Photography | Matt Fryer |

It’s been a busy year so far for me with so amazing weddings, portraits and general commissioned photography work, that I have recently forgotten what it is like to just go out and take shots for myself. So a recent 2 week break in Jersey saw me dust off my landscape skills and capture a few shots for our house. This little taste of it got me fired up once more to just capture what I see regardless of what camera I have in my hand. So last night whilst in the office late, I thought the end of the world was coming. Armed only with my Iphone to start then my main camera later I captured these. From the left in a clockwise rotation.

1. Front the front of our house with my main camera, slightly tweaked in Lightroom to give an end of the world feel to it.
2. From the back garden. with main camera. Only slight tweaking in Lightroom, but that is how I saw it.
3. The first shot I took with my iphone.

Will find some time this weekend to finish updating my 365 project and upload some of the recent landscape stuff I have shot to share with you all.

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