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Tales From The Mancave | My Journey.

Tales From The Mancave | My Journey | The Start

A bit of a personal post from me today, normally I wouldn’t but today is a bit of a turning point for me and I wanted to grab an image of the before and hopefully in 6 – 8 months time have a different after shot.

Now I am not looking for any sympathy with this post or blaming anyone but myself, the purpose of this post it to serve as a reminder to me to get off my butt, make time for some exercise and watch what I eat. Plain and simple.

Since I left a very physically demanding job at the brewery nearly 18 months ago to go full time as a photographer, I have struggled with my weight. Piling on the pounds as I spend more time in the mancave sat on my office chair editing images, eating snack food and generally not exercising as I should combined with a dodgy knee last summer and operation on it in December, even my surfing took a nose dive. So to mark a turn in my current personal life I wanted to grab an image of me as I am today. Then in 6 months time hopefully post a much better image of me carrying less weight and looking slightly healthier. Fingers crossed..

Don’t worry I won’t bore you all with “Today I ran 5 miles, ate lentil soup and drank 15 litres of water”, I am just going to get on with it.

This is the set up for the shots. 7d on tripod with sigma 30mm f/1.4. Tethered to my laptop so I could see what I was shooting and fired by a giga II T-Pro remote. Beauty dish light set at 1/16 power high camera right and gridded speedlight high camera left behind me at 1/8 power.

Tales From The Mancave | My Journey | The Start

  • Robert Whetton - I’m doing the same Matt! My coder and I are doing something called weigh in Wednesday – he’s even written an app for smart phones!ReplyCancel

  • Howard Lucas - Is that my beauty dish?ReplyCancel

  • Matt Fryer - No it’s mine Howard..

    I am currently looking into weight watchers Bob. I lapse so easily I need any encouragement going to keep on track.ReplyCancel

  • Matt Fryer - And besides Howard, I am asking for my money back on the beauty dish. Thought it would add beauty to me, but an obvious fail there…ReplyCancel

  • Amy Heron - I love this. That is all.ReplyCancel

  • greg thurtle - Good work – you’ll see the benefits in so many areas of your life.
    Speaking of which i’m off to the gym now :)ReplyCancel

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