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Tales from the Mancave | The Bobotron 3000+

Tales from the mancave | The Bobotron 3000+

I am currently trying enjoying a few days out the office with my family, but before I jetted off to a small remote island to enjoy this time, disaster struck in the mancave.
My main PC decided that now was a good enough time to die in a spectacular fashion on me, not sure what happened but it just refused to boot past the bios screen.
Not happy, to say the least. With some time out the office looming, a huge pile of work backing up and Easter just around the corner I took a trip to PC world. Huge mistake. The sales guy tried to sell me anything and everything he had. Especially when he found out what I wanted to use the machine for. Whilst they were all ok machines, they all came with stuff I didn’t want or need, and I resented paying over the odds for stuff I don’t need. So I left empty handed and came home to assess the situation.

Anyway a long story short, a MAC v’s PC debate, a healthy wallet v’s an empty one etc etc. I opted for a custom built dedicated PC system.
Why? Surely a MAC is the only way for a professional photographer to go, I hear you cry.. Well not for me.
My old windows machine did what I wanted it to, was more than capable of doing it and the cost factor was a great influence. To get an equivalent, actually you won’t get a mac running that fast with that much cooling in it, would cost nearly 3 times as much.. Plus having just recently moved up to Win7 and got my working OS drive as I wanted it, just installing it into the new machine and it just working was another huge factor, so there would be no installing new programs on a new OS that would take a while to get the hang of.

A good friend, fellow photographer and digital retoucher, who also builds dedicated machines for us photographers, was tasked with an oversea order from me to build a machine that worked and could handle a tough work load. We nicknamed this beast “The Bobotron 3000+” and trust me, it is one beast of a machine.
The specs. Intel i5 2.5k 3.3ghz over clocked to 4.3ghz, 16gb ram, Ati 6770 graphics card, Silverstone case and 600w psu, Corsair H60 water cooling and USB3 ports. Plus I now have over 12tb of hdd space spread internally and externally, plus another 8tb in raid space.

The bobotron isn’t the quietest machine but to be honest I am willing to sacrifice that for a machine that doesn’t overheat.
What the Bobotron is, is a machine that is fast, responsive and a joy to work with. I am in the office this afternoon designing albums and editing wedding images and there’s very little lag, no wheel of death in lightroom and Photoshop is rendering 250mb psd files with ease, all at the same time.
I can now work smarter and faster, hopefully allowing me to catch up and then go shoot more images.

I would ike to say a huge thanks to Bob (Robert Whetton – for building the beast and meeting me at Poole docks late one night to drop her off.. Cheers mate.
So if you are in the market for a new PC please do drop Bob a line and see what he can build you. You won’t be disappointed.

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