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Tales From The Mancave | Some Moo Business Cards

Every little detail of your moo order is cool.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
Packed up nice and snug.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
The cards.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
The flash card holder for my camera bag.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
A few ready to be sent to a couple of venues in their plain white boxes.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
Some for the office.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards
Sorted and ready to go.
Tales From The Mancave | Moo Business Cards

My current stock of business cards are running out fast so I was in need of some new ones. I had moved away from Moo for a while in search of cheaper alternatives, in an effort to save money. But in all honesty in this day and age you get what you pay for and I want that to reflect in the service I offer too. That includes every detail. From the new packaging label system I now have, down to the way my images are presented on the media I send to clients. So why should I skimp on my business cards, 9 times out of 10 this is the first time most of my clients get to meet and discover me, my work and the services / products I offer.

A chance email the other week from alerted me to the new “Luxe” business cards they offer. 600gsm thickness, hint of mowhawk paper and coloured core with textured surfaces.. I was in love. I didn’t really care too much about the price I had to have these as my next set of cards.

So I set about designing a simple yet elegant variation on my current design for the cards. Keeping it simple was the aim. Also I am now supplying a few dedicated cards with specific details on for a couple of venues that recommend me to their clients, with these cards in circulation I am now able to track their effectiveness.

So the cards, well lets start with the whole buy from experience, I say experience, as that’s how I see it. Some sites you just upload the images, a generic email arrives and you wait, nothing flash or fancy just plain business. But with, it is always a pleasure to place an order. You are guided through the process with ample chances to change things, amend details and add extra products to your order. Simple but very effective and it works, this is all done with a little humanity at times. The pricing structure is clear and easy to understand and there’s no hidden catches at the checkout and the delivery times are honest. That is an important thing. I am an impatient person, if something says it will be 1-2 days I am champing at the bit to have what I orders the next day. But with the times are realistic and in all honesty they items normally arrive before the end of the estimated delivery window anyway. Bonus. Even after your order is placed They still keep you updated on the process of your order all the way.

So the package arrives and a little sticker that says “yay” is enough to get me excited for the goodies inside.
As always the items are packed with care so no damage has happened in transit. Another bonus.

Then onto the cards. WOW.

These ooze class. Uber thick and rigid with a schexy red core running through them (I chose red but other colours are available). The textured surface is elegant and classy. Print quality is spot on. A little hint of bleed on some but on the whole some very fine printing work done by the good guys at Well worth the money and I am certain they will create the right first impression for my clients. With the couple that have been mis-printed I am not worried as I know that if I were to contact Moo to alter them the response would be one of apology, but for the odd one or two it’s not worth it.

A few other items I added to my order was a business card holder for my bag, I am feed up with having several cards on me at weddings and shoots, pulling them out to find they have been damaged in the bag, not a good impression. So the money invested in this holder will keep my cards looking fresh and new. I also added several of the plain white boxes for storing cards in. As I said I had a few different cards printed with specific text and url’s to my site on so i can track the effectiveness of the cards. This is done at now extra cost with, unlike other companies.
Like all of Moo’s products event eh boxes and holders are top notch quality and worth the price.

So all in all, I am very happy with my order from the great guys at and will certainly be relishing handing these cards out to potential clients. Thank you.

  • Mark Beaumont - Oh wow! liking the look of those. I use Moo but wasn’t aware of the new Luxe cards. I’m running low and may have to try some of them, quality looks superb, as you’d expect.
    Thanks for posting MattReplyCancel

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